Los Angeles Event Design & Decor

Our team designs events that capture the imagination and induce invitees to enjoy an occasion that is far from ordinary. Throughout Los Angeles, Stephanie Wiltz Events has positioned itself as a event design and production company of unique quality. Some view events as merely something occurring at a given place and time.  Not Stephanie Wiltz Events! At Stephanie Wiltz Events we take calculated steps to produce events that:

  • Invoke emotional responses
  • Reward curiosity to detail
  • Etch sights and sounds upon the mind

Our event capabilities include weddings, grand openings, corporate functions, celebrity shows, concerts (intimate and mass), baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, holiday events, and diverse specialty events.  We understand that every event centers around people.  Hence, we expend time to learn all the particulars of your event as it relates to you and any attendees.  Two essential subjects that we find necessary for our planning method are:

  • Your desires as the host of the event
  • The expectations of the attendees

Event Design for LA- Our Framework is Built From Your Desires

When planning your Los Angeles event, you’ll have a rough idea of what you are seeking to accomplish.  Our role is to work with you as a partner to enhance and facilitate your desires for the event.  To take someone’s concept and convert it into reality is a lofty goal.  Nevertheless, we’ve been able to achieve this time and again.  Sound communication is at the heart of this process.

As we delve into planning, we’ll also want to understand things such as:

  • Why the event is important to you
  • If the event has significant value (to a community, culture, industry, etc.)
  • Any historical correlations to the event

Expectations of Your Attendees in Los Angeles, California

Creating great event experiences begins with getting a grasp of the expectations of those attending the event.  Once we speak with you, we’ll ask questions that focus on the personas of the attendees.  You may be surprised how learning these small details can enhance the event for everyone. Need help setting a budget, click here.

Stephanie Wiltz Events consistently delivers conspicuously distinguished celebrations. We are truly a one-of-a-kind Los Angeles event designer.  Do you have a concept for an event in Los Angeles that you are ready to bring to fruition?  Set up a consultation with us at 866-678-3409 or gives us a few details here and we can contact you.

Event & Decor Planning for your Next Special Event!

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